3 Fixes To Show Love for Your Home

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Your home is a reflection of you and it is where your memories are at. Just by thinking about home, one can remember all the milestones celebrated from birthdays, graduations, anniversaries! Perhaps a school in your childhood or your current workplace is nearby. Neighborhood restaurants you get your food to-go, the regular paths you take for walking with your dog, and the people-neighbors are all a great part of your life. However, there will always be some parts of the house we are unhappy with and it is easy to get caught up in bigger projects in the house such as spring cleaning and renovations. Yet, it is the little parts of a home that make the most difference in a day-to-day life. This little project with simple steps will help fix the little imperfections around the house.


Water Rings On Coffee Tables


Water Rings On Coffee Tables


Water stains are easy to come, but not easy to go. They stain in such a short period of time and when they do, it is difficult to eradicate them. However, do not even consider replacing your coffee table because of these water stains! Here are some ways to get rid of them completely. The most effective method is to dab mayonnaise onto the stain and let it sit overnight with a paper towel on it. The next day, wipe away with a clean cloth and polish with vinegar. Another effective method is to get a white toothpaste on a clean cloth and start rubbing. Continue until the stain is gone. 


Bumpers For The Slamming


Bumpers For The Slamming


When we are rushing out of the house to get to school or work, or when your children are running around the house, the door often gets slammed against the wall. This incident is common in many different homes. However, this can drill a hole in the wall depending on the type of doorknob, or possibly break the doorknob or the door. Get a door bumper for every door in the house, except for the main doors. The cabinet doors also get slammed quite often. For this case, add cabinet bumpers to the back of the cabinet doors. These bumpers will also prevent the paint from chipping too.


Silent The Squeaky Doors


Hearing the doors squeak every time you open or close is one of the most irritating experiences. Even though these noises are annoying enough during the day, this sound may wake light-sleepers up from their sleep in the nighttime. 

It is important to note that this noise originates from the door hinges. A simple solution is to lubricate the hinges. Open the door and spray the hinges, then keep opening and closing the door to let it soak in. If the squeak continues, lift up the hinge and spray more directly. However, these lubricants may not react well with the woodwork or the paint, so spray at a close range and wipe out the access immediately. Finally, if none of these tricks work, check if the pins are loose and fix them.


Although not a lot of homeowners want to be on the market in the midst of a pandemic, it might be a great opportunity to move to another home. The demand for housing is absolutely high and the supply is short. With consistent and thorough analysis of the market and preparation, this opportunity may become your greatest investment. Furthermore, your new home will be more suitable for your post COVID-19 lifestyle.


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