3 Steps to Elevate Cleaning Your Home

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Everyone lives in a different home. Everyone has a different lifestyle. Everyone has different preferences. Yet, we all have things piling up at home. There are probably a pile of clothes in the laundry mat, mails to deal with, and boxes to recycle.


Don’t worry, we’re only human.


During the hectic workdays, things can easily get messy. Things are set down where they don’t belong as you rush out the door. These piles can drain your energy as they are a reminder of responsibilities undone. The worst part is, they snowball so quickly that by the weekends, it scares you away.


Put on Your Favourite Playlist




Most people listen to music while they work as a medium to keep people in their zone. Especially with repetitive, boring tasks, music will help you complete the task faster. Faster and exciting music energizes and heightens our mood and awareness. The rhythmic sounds will actually help you move quicker in synchronized movements, which would be perfect for cleaning your place. Pick your favourite-fast beat playlist-and turn up the bass.


Pick a Pile and Organize


However, it is not true. Most of these piles can be organized in less than 15 minutes. So this weekend, let’s pick up just one pile and organize it. But truth is, cleaning away these clutters is so satisfying and it might motivate you to dismantle more.  


Let’s start with these,


The clothes clutter: Your clothes pile might be on your reading chair, or on your bed or perhaps all over the place. Let’s first divide these into 2 different piles: the pile to go back into your dresser and the pile that should be tossed into the laundry. Toss the pile that needs to be washed straight to the laundry machine, and fold the other pile of clothes in the meanwhile. Listening to fun pop music will energize you further. When the laundry is done, fold them and put them in your dresser drawer.



The paper clutter: Organizing paper piles may be more stressful and take more time, yet it is truly the most important part of cleaning. You do not want your important documents going missing or keeping all of the unimportant paper clutter with you. Open up those mails first. Now, carefully look at each paper and sort out a pile to keep and a pile to recycle. 


Treasure or Trash?


Sometimes, you will feel stuffed and disorganized, or feel unable to find items even after tidying up. This might be a sign to rediscover if your items are trash or treasure. 



As you go through each drawer and storage bins, you might find yourself with items that you might not even recognize. It is best to immediately get rid of them. There also might be items that are practical and useful yet they became your old favourites or have never touched them. These items could be donated to be a better use for others. There is one exception to this; you may keep your favourites that you wouldn’t be able to live without. 


Tidying up your space not only allows you to reclaim your physical and mental space but it also saves you time during the day and night. But most importantly, it will benefit your well-being because a tidy space is also an indication of self-love, self-care and will ease and smoothen your emotions and thinking.


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