4 Gardening Tips for Beginners

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Gardening can be a very therapeutic activity, plus you’ll get to see many different beautiful flowers growing in your garden! With so much time we have at home nowadays, socially distancing from others, gardening is the perfect way to spend your time and have fun with your family! We’ve gathered a few tips for gardening beginners to help prepare for your perfect garden.


1. Develop a practical plan

The very first step in developing a healthy garden is to plan everything out. Consider the size, shape, what you want to grow, and other factors to figure out the best set-up for you. Every backyard, front yard is different, so it’s important to have the best set-up that meets your needs and standards. Take a look at which areas have the most sunlight, have more areas to grow and branch out, and more.



2. Choose the right plants

Selecting the right plants that work for your garden is super important! Do some research online and try starting with plants that are easier to take care of. Putting sun-loving plants into a sunny spot, giving enough space for plants to grow, and more is also another important factor for growth. The environment where they grow is crucial to have a healthy garden. Pick varieties of plants that will grow well with the space you have in your garden.


3. Start with good soil

Good soil helps your plants grow most effectively and healthily. Adding mulch will definitely be beneficial to help control weeds by blocking out the sun and conserve water. Consider using organic mulch and fertilizer as it helps with healthy root growth! Don’t forget to water regularly that works with the best with your plant. You have to spend time to learn about the plant you’re planning to grow, thinking about which soil and mulch will work the best.



4. See what works in your neighbour’s garden

When you’re walking or driving around your neighbourhood, take a look at what your neighbours are growing in their garden. Take notes on the plant and plant combinations they have. This is going to help you decide what works best for your garden as well and reduce the urge to impulse-buy. You can even chat with your neighbour (of course at a distance) and discuss what their experience was with gardening. Gain tips and tricks from your neighbours – they are the most effective tips!



Now that you have an idea about how to garden, do some online research and go out buy your desired plants, soil, tools, and more. Have the basic tools that are going to help you with gardening. Gardening with your family and kids can be a fun and productive way to spend your free time! Especially with the sunny season coming up, it’ll be a rewarding experience for you and can make a huge difference in how you feel about your home. Consider gardening before you list your home to sell. It can make a big difference in how your home is portrayed to others!

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