Fun Design Ideas for Your Kids Playroom

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Whether you have a spare room or a designated corner, transforming the space where your children will spend hours to play is not the easiest job. We often think of a messy space when we think about the playroom but with a few easy tricks, your kid’s playroom can be a design-friendly and functional space! Creating a space that is nice to look at and your whole family loves is important and we’re confident that you can create a space like it with our tips.


Create a Theme


For overall aesthetics and design of the room, consider having a consistent theme for the playroom. Whether it’s a colour palette or a specific concept for the room, having a theme will help to pick out furniture, accessories, and more when you create the space. If you can’t pick one, try having a theme for each wall! Creating a distinct activity area for each wall can be a great way for your kids to play without getting bored easily. You’ll need to create a few different activity areas within the room – ex. arts and crafts area, reading area, nap area, and more, the options are endless!


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Add Plenty of Storage


Kids have a lot of different toys, books, games, crafting supplies and no parents want to see all the toys lying around on the floor. The best playrooms are the ones that have a great amount of storage while making it seem part of the design. The first thing to consider is what kind of shelving suits your family and your child. Think about if you need more bookshelves to store books or cubbies to store all the toys and stuffed animals. You’ll have to accommodate your child’s interest and they can get pricey, so it’s important to decide on storage that’ll be functional. Fabric drawer inserts, baskets, toy boxes are all great options for storage! There’s a lot of furniture that comes with shelving nowadays if you need extra storage.  


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Install Easy to Clean Flooring


From toys being dropped to cookie crumbs, kids are not friendly with flooring. If you’re looking for something to protect your floors, rugs that can be easily laundered are a great option or patterned or prints can help to disguise any unwanted stains. Don’t ruin your hardwood floors or carpets as it will cost more in the future. There are many affordable flooring options out there that you and your kids both will love.


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Play With Colours


Gender-neutral playrooms have been the norm now but it doesn’t mean you can’t play with colours. Select a bold, accent colour and use it for your accent wall, furniture, accessories, and more! If you don’t want to commit to a specific colour or theme, consider decorating the room with wall decals. Wall decals are a great budget-friendly option to upscale the playroom and it helps to set the playroom apart from other areas of your house. You can easily change up the design as your kids grow and still create a cool space for your children.


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A playroom is where your kids play but it’s also space where your children inspire their imaginations and creativity begins. It doesn’t always have to be a big space. The smallest place can have space for kids to play and it should be a place where they enjoy the most. A playroom is where the kids stay occupied and define “their space”. The options are endless to design a playroom, so start getting creative and transform a space that your children will love.

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