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With the start of COVID-19, many businesses have transferred to working from home, not knowing when we can go back to the office. Whether the pandemic made you stay home or you’re just a freelancer working from home always, your home office shouldn’t make you less productive. Common myths of working from home aren’t as productive as working at the office was made because many people didn’t know how to create the perfect home office. In fact, many businesses made working from home as a permanent decision and are getting rid of offices because working remotely has been so successful! To help you create your unique and inspiring space, we gathered a few useful ideas to help you become more productive working at home. 


Choose a Quiet Place


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Working in a busy and noisy environment is not fun and definitely won’t help you stay focused. Pick the quietest place in your home – whether that’s a guest/spare room, flex area, or any other space that is far from your bed, television, and other distractions. If you can close the door, even better! People become more efficient in a distraction-free zone and can close the distractions at any time. If you’re finding yourself not working often, it means you have too many distractions and you’re tempting yourself more. Remember to choose a place that’s far from your children’s playroom or the media room!


Keep it Minimal


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Staying organized at your home office is another important factor to help you stay focused and become more productive. Being creative with the space is great and you should design the space that fits your work style and personality. However, you should only have things that are functional and help you stay organized. Every job requires different materials and tools so know what your necessities are! Start decluttering things that you don’t need every day and only keep the bare essentials around your workspace.


Lighting and Colour


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A good home office should allow plenty of natural light! If you need to rearrange your furniture to get the most out of the natural light in your room, do it but be aware that the sun doesn’t directly hit your computer screen. Also, natural light makes space feel bigger – which is another plus if you’re in a small space! Did you know colour also plays a big part in your mood? Find a color that puts you in a relaxed, productive mood and use those colours for your desk essentials, wall colour, and more. Blue, green, grey are common colours that make you feel relaxed and peaceful.


Bring in Green


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As mentioned earlier that green can help you feel more relaxed, adding plants will be a great addition to your home office. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it helps you feel calm and clean the air! Many people feel suffocated and uncomfortable working in a room for 8 hours. By adding some greeneries to your room, it’ll definitely help to improve the air in your room so you’ll want to stay longer. No need to create a whole garden in your room but a desk or floor plant is great and creates a variety of visuals for you to look at when your eyes need a break from the screen.


Now you’ve learned these simple yet effective tips to help you become more productive working at home, spend the time to look at what you have and what’s missing. If these tips don’t work for you, that’s totally fine. Everyone is different and you should be doing things that make you happy, motivated, and relaxed in your workspace. Optimizing your workspace is important as it’s easy for you to slack off and get distracted at home. Although some might miss being at the office until the pandemic ends and everyone is safe to go back to the office, make the most of your time at home!

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