How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

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One common thing we do in the new year is to make new year’s resolutions. It’s almost engraved to our head to make new resolutions as a step toward a better year. The beginning of the year is a great time to review the past year and think about what you can achieve in the new year. Common resolutions are related to physical health, personal growth, work and studies, change of eating habits, and more. Whatever goals you make shouldn’t make you stressed or pressured. You’re only creating them to help you make better decisions and for continuous improvement. Today, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you keep your new year’s resolutions throughout the year!


Choose A Specific & Realistic Goal


A common mistake that a lot of people make is by making a huge, ambiguous goal. Goals like “get in shape”, “be more productive” goals are great but very vague. Instead, select a more realistic and specific goal to meet your ultimate resolution, such as “work out for 30 minutes every day” or “eat vegetables 3 days a week”. Having smaller goals with a timeframe can help to accomplish and stick to your goals throughout the year. Remember, choosing an achievable goal is a key to success.


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Outline Your Goal


Think about how you’re going to stick to your goals and how to deal with the temptations you’ll face. Take smaller steps and break down your goals into manageable chunks. If you start with a bigger goal in the first place, it might feel overwhelming and becomes very easy to give up. Get your mind and body to get used to your new goal. Don’t expect to achieve all your goals in a short period. Although it may feel like it’s a slow start, small steps lead to success in the long run. If you think you may come across temptations, strategize ways to keep your goals. This may include talking to your friends/family, self-talk, practicing positive thinking, and more! If you’ve failed your previous goal, learn from your mistakes and take smaller steps to help achieve your goal. Make sure to outline your goal and timeline according to your steps!


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Track Your Progress


One important factor in achieving your goal is progress. It’s not about whether you achieved your goal or not (although it’s nice to accomplish your goal) but it’s about the steps you take and the progress you see on the journey. So, how will you track your progress then? Keep track of each and every step you’re taking, small or big. Generally, short term goals are easier to achieve and each accomplishment will help you stay motivated. If you share a similar goal with your friend, text them about your progress and achievements. If it’s a personal goal, you can easily track your progress by writing journals, marking it on the calendar or even use an app to help you record your steps!


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The yearly ritual new year resolution setting should be a fun and motivating tradition. If you’re finding yourself being too stressed out trying to achieve your goals, try skipping this year’s resolutions. There’s no need to be stressed. In fact, you’re only making the goals to help you achieve something in a fun and motivating way! Remember to be flexible to yourself during the journey and celebrate every achievement and progress along the way.

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