How-To Prepare To Sell Your Home In Fall 2020

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Are you thinking about selling your home this fall? Demand for homes is very high despite the pandemic. Typically, after the seasonal peaks in Spring and Summer, home prices decline drastically in the Autumn. This year is a different case. The prices are gaining momentum from the drastic increase and are still increasing. In the peak seasons, there are so many listings that buyers tend to be picky and extend their search. Generally in Autumn, the buyers are more determined to make a purchase and are pressured to buy a home before the holidays. Selling a home will not be a difficult journey despite the pandemic, if you prepare for it. 



Post-COVID 19 


Real estate markets are constantly changing as a result of the pandemic. Thus, keep monitoring the changes and adapt accordingly. Realtors must be aware of all emerging trends in the market affected from a global, national to local scale. The sales of homes in the greater Vancouver area are bouncing back from the pandemic and have been seeing some momentum. According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, the home sales in the region in July 2020 is higher than the sales in June 2020 and even July 2019. The national average home prices in June 2020 increased from the prices in the June of the previous year. The prices are expected to remain stable. Note that the post-COVID 19 lifestyle is to be prolonged. Currently, the trends are moving towards detached homes with yards that are far away from neighbors and possibly have space for a proper office. The houses sales prices are increasing the most as they are in most demand, but condominiums and apartments are still in demand as well. Substantially, the buyers are motivated to move to a space that is more fit for their wants and needs as homes will become the essential place for most parts of people’s lifestyle. Researching and analyzing the market, finding the right buyer demographic and pricing are all absolutely essential to sell a home. Our team makes sure our clients rather enjoy this experience than be stressed. Leave the toughest parts of selling a property to us and enjoy the journey!



Plan Thoroughly


Plan Thoroughly, Goldy Kang


Discuss with your realtor for the most effective way of holding an open house. You and your realtor should first set clear protocols to effectively show while following the local public health guidelines. The examples are as followed: keeping all the interior doors open to limit as much surface contact as possible, providing a thorough cleaning and disinfection and providing a disinfect station where masks and hand sanitizer are provided. It is worth noting that most people will first have their encounter with the potential homes via digital platforms. It is extremely important that professional photographs are taken. Real estate photos taken in the Fall and Winter season carry the risk of looking dull, so make sure to get bright and warm pictures taken on one of the best days in the Autumn. A high quality virtual tour is also a highly recommended substitute for an in-person showing, for buyers who feel less comfortable with meeting in-person. Very high quality virtual tours with professional photographers are also offered by our team as well!



Home Staging


Home Staging, Goldy Kang


Many buyers in the Fall are determined to enter the market and make a purchase. Given the circumstances of the current pandemic, there is a limit to in-person showings. Your first impression will most likely be the determining factor for the buyers, so ensure your home is absolutely perfect every time you show. Set a broad target buyer demographic, then stage accordingly. When staging, it is significant to take the exterior parts of the house into consideration such as curb appeal especially in the Autumn. 



Although not a lot of homeowners want to be on the market in the midst of a pandemic, it might be a great opportunity to move to another home. The demand for housing is absolutely high and the supply is short. With consistent and thorough analysis of the market and preparation, this opportunity may become your greatest investment. Furthermore, your new home will be more suitable for your post-COVID 19 lifestyle.

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