How-to Vacation Safely this Long Weekend

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As you may know, this weekend is a long weekend! The coming Monday, August 3rd is a Civic Holiday, which is mostly referred to as B.C Day here in B.C. It’s undeniably delightful to have a long weekend in the middle of the summer. Yet, this year’s summer is very different from anything we have experienced before. With countless people’s lifestyles impacted, including the canceled summer vacation plans, many people are choosing to stay local. Here are some activities that you can do this long weekend!



Explore B.C.


Although this summer may require extra planning and staying updated with safety alerts, you can still fulfill your long overdue vacation needs here! As British Columbians, we are lucky to have breathtaking terrain to explore and rediscover beyond our backyards. 


Road, Road trip


For those of you who had plans to go somewhere tropical, there are many beautiful landscapes and landmarks in B.C you can visit. From diving spots, quiet lakes to more crowded beaches, there is absolutely no shortage of choices. Some of these landscapes even come with nearby campgrounds, picnic spots, or trails. Also, the province is moving into the next phase of its gradual reopening plan. Now there are many treasures that can be safely enjoyed across the province including festivals and events held near Vancouver. Now, all you have to do is pick an activity!


For whichever location you choose to explore, it is important to do it right and be a responsible, conscientious traveler. First, do your research before you begin about new protocols and policies so you can plan your trip accordingly. Also, it is important to stay updated with the latest safety update of each location including COVID updates. If you are planning to swim, outdoor is recommended rather than indoor pools as the circulation of air is not limited. Also,  check the water quality if you are going outdoor swimming. Practice social distancing always. There is usually enhanced wind at most of the B.C. landscapes, and it increases the distance by which the virus can be transmitted. Most importantly, stay clean and wash your hands.



At Home Ventures


If you would like to stay safe from COVID-19, it is undoubtedly best to stay home. In this new normal world, many activities can be done at home without missing out much! First, you can use this time for yourself. Is there anything you have always wanted to do, but could not because you couldn’t find the time? Now is the time. You can use this time to do an overdue cleaning or exercise! Try learning a new skill or taking a class. Isaac Newton discovered Gravity in quarantine! You can also take this time to relax and rest. Make your favourite beverage, sit in your favourite chair and read, or watch your favourite book or movie.


Writing, Studying


Staying at home does not mean you have to stop socializing or exploring. There are many virtual socials and festivals happening around the world! Take advantage of this and expand your social network globally. Most importantly, catch up with your loved ones which you could not have done before. 



These are only a few of the activities you can do this long weekend and there are much more especially in B.C. Whichever activity you choose, remember to stay safe and enjoy your staycation to the fullest!

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