Interior Ideas To Make You Feel Happier At Home

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Home is where you should feel the happiest and comforting, as your personal oasis. Living in a chaotic society with work, school, and many other things that keep us busy, going back home should be a retreat. Our living space impacts us on how we feel, whether it’s calming, relaxing, comforting, and more. With simple interior hacks, you can change up your home to improve your mood and make you feel happier at home!


Round Shapes


Did you know that round shapes induce positive emotions? Based on scientific research, shapes have an effect on human emotions and spherical objects can positively affect your mood. Try getting rid of harsh, straight lines and replace them with round objects. This can include furniture like a coffee table, mirror, and many more. You’d be surprised how the curves can soften your space and make you feel more comfortable at home.



Natural Lighting


One of the most transformative interior ideas is to let the natural light inside. It’s common for people to feel down on a gloomy day but on a sunny day, people are more prone to be happier. If you have low natural light exposure in your home, consider adding in furniture with reflective surfaces. Also, don’t forget about mood lighting! They are a great add on to set the mood and help us relax at home with your family members. 



Use of Natural Materials


Increase the use of natural materials at home, such as wood, stone, linen, marble, cotton, and more. The use of natural materials in home decor is called “Biophilic design”. Biophilic design lets us connect with nature even indoors. It can also help to improve sleep and reduce stress! If we feel happier outdoors in nature, why not bring it home? Try replacing regular blankets with wool blankets, wooden floors with greenery to change up the mood at home. 



Happy Scent


Scents have a huge impact on our mood and are very powerful. A hint of a scent can bring back good memories, whether it’s the smell of the beach or trees out in nature. Try bringing in your favourite scents into the home that makes you feel happy. With candles, diffusers, essential oils, you have many options to choose from that will help to reduce stress and anxiety. Find the right scent that works best for your home and your mood! 



These are only a few of the interior tips to make you feel happier at home and there are more tips you can follow. A well thought Interior design idea can make the biggest difference, improving your state of mind and happiness. Try experimenting with many different ideas and see what works the best for you and your home. Transform the space that brings you joy and comfort. A home should be where you feel comfortable the most to help you relax from your stressful life 🙂 

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