Selling Your Home as A Pet Owner

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Almost all Canadians love their animals. Approximately one-third of Canadians own dogs and another one third owns cats. People also own fish, birds, small mammals, reptiles. Some exotic animals Canadians can legally own are horses, servals, pigs, goats, and foxes shortly! If you take just a step outside, you will find a Canadian walking, possibly jogging with their loving companion. On a good sunny day, this is even more true at public parks where Canadians often bring pets to outdoor hangouts. You may have noticed that at public parks, there are often water fountains for humans, along with fountains for our little companions. Pets have deeply fused into many Canadian’s lifestyles and environments. This should exemplify the love of Canadians for their animals.


However, pets make some people very uncomfortable. But people who unquestionably love pets also change their views, when they are looking for a home. This is especially the case with furry pets rather than fish or reptiles. If you are a pet owner, here are some simple three steps solutions to follow before getting their home ready to sell.



Step 1: Remove All Evidence



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As you prepare your home for showings, you must undergo decluttering your home and somewhat stage it. As you do, hide all evidence of your pets. Move crates, litter boxes, toys, beds and cages out of sight. Put away pet foods and its’ food bowls. Also, make sure with your real estate photographs that none of the evidence of your pet is existent. If actively needed, minimize visible pet items to only one area or room where people would care the least about, such as the garage or basement. Also, make sure the visible items are squeaky clean!



Step 2: Deep Clean





Although this step is absolutely necessary to successfully sell a home in general, this step must be much more emphasized for pet owners. You must deep clean your home including all possible stains, odor spots. Also, you must wash all sheets, comforters, curtains and even the carpet as these may have stains, hair, and odor scents. We grow accustomed to the scents in our home. It is natural to get used to your surroundings, but homebuyers will not be when they enter your home. Instead of simply masking the odors with candles and scented products as pet smells, deodorize directly with sprays. If your home is floored with carpet, professionally get your carpet cleaned. 



Step 3: Repair or Replace Any Pet Damage





As people live in their homes over time, they tend to neglect the damages by your pets or old wear and tear on floors, walls, and ceilings. This is because, again, it is natural to get used to your surroundings. However, scratched doors, chewed or shredded furniture, and damaged floors give all very negative impressions to buyers. Carefully examine every inch of your home, find every damaged object, and repair and replace it. 



Almost everybody loves pets, almost. For pet owners, pets are a part of the family. Their pet is their world. Pets are undoubtedly an important part of many Canadian’s lives. However, there will always be people who simply do not have an interest in pets, whether it is for allergies, or personal preferences or reasons. If you’re planning to sell your home, contact our team to sell your home for top dollars!

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