Tips To Love Your Laundry Room

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One thing that we have to do and cannot avoid is laundry. Some people hate doing laundry and some find it therapeutic – a laundry room is a space that we use regularly but lack attention compared to other rooms in the home. We all spend time sorting, removing stains, washing, ironing, and more in the laundry room. Most laundry rooms are small and can be chaotic but with a few helpful tips, you can transform your laundry room into a stress-free space that you love!


Invest in Organization


We understand that laundry rooms are typically small and can get a little messy. However, regardless of the size, there are always ways to add storage options to make your space more organized. Consider adding open shelving or stock cabinets to improve the storage capacity in your laundry room. If shelving and cabinets aren’t a possible option, brackets and hardware can be another solution. Also, staying organized with containers and laundry baskets for your laundry and laundry essentials is important as well. Having containers or storage bins is one of the easiest and budget-friendly ways to keep your essentials organized in your laundry room. An organized laundry room is a functional laundry room that will help you stay on task, no matter how many loads of laundry you have to do. If you have any household products that you don’t want to display, use a storage box with a lid to hide your products! An organized space will make your laundry chore less stressful.


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Leave Room for Folding


Looking for a way to make your laundry task more enjoyable? Consider adding a folding station in your laundry room! If you have side-by-side machines, adding a countertop for a flat surface for folding is a great way to transform the look of your laundry room. A designated folding area will make your job a little easier as you don’t have to take all the laundry and throw it on your bed to fold. If you need more space to dry your clothes, consider adding a wall-mounted hang bar to dry your delicates after you pull them out of the washing machine. Don’t leave your laundry sitting on your countertop or hang in your closet wet as it can damage the clothes. Drying drawers is also an innovative hack that’s very convenient if you’re lacking space! With a designated countertop and hanging space, you can make folding and drying easier for yourself.


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Create an Inviting Space


Make your laundry room a place where you want to be in and give attention like other rooms in the house. Having a bright space will make you feel better when doing the laundry. Consider painting the walls or cabinets for an easy mood booster – a coat of white, grey, or light blue can make your space feel fresh and bright. For an easier and affordable way to add interest, try using peel and stick wall decals for additional colour and texture. You can also hang arts, add decorative window treatments, and more – anything to give you more energy and set the right mood for you. The simple touches can make the biggest difference, creating a more inviting space you love.


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Oftentimes, laundry rooms are neglected and it becomes a laundry/storage room that you don’t enjoy going into. However, there’s no reason to ignore your laundry room – after all, it’s a space that you go into for your laundry tasks. If you’re due for an upgrade of a new washer and dryer, investing in a good, functional appliance can help make a difference in doing your laundry as well. With a few simple organizational tips, you can freshen up the room into an inviting, calm, and organized space and it may even turn doing your laundry enjoyable and therapeutic! If you’re thinking to sell your home, consider staging for your home, including your laundry room. Contact our team for more information 🙂 

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