Your Ultimate Home Maintenance Checklist

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When buying a home, a common factor that a lot of homeowners forget is home maintenance. Most people are so focused on mortgage payments, down payments and other fees that they forget about home repairs and maintenance. Home maintenance shouldn’t be expensive but it can be if you don’t take care of your regular home maintenance. It’s easy to forget about regular maintenance for your home, so one of the best ways to help you remember is to have a home maintenance calendar to remind you. Think of a home maintenance schedule like a health check-up, the more you’re aware of it, the better your home will look! 





Completing monthly home maintenance tasks will keep your home improvement schedule on track and help you save money. Choose one specific day of the month to complete the tasks in the morning or afternoon.


     – Check HVAC system filters; during the colder months, check the heating system air filter and replace it

     – Clean faucet aerators and showerheads to remove mineral deposits

     – Maintain drains and unclog if necessary – clear out tub drains

     – Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

     – Clean kitchen hood filter


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Other than the monthly tasks, quarterly check-ups are just as important as it covers tasks that don’t need to be done monthly. It’s best to get these tasks done when preparing for an upcoming season!


     – Check fire extinguishers to ensure they are properly working

     – Review the water heater’s temperature and pressure valve

     – Make sure the dryer vent is properly venting to the outside

     – Test all outlets if they are properly working

     – Pull out big appliances like your couch, fridge to vacuum and dust behind


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Homes and its components get a year older every 12 months. However, there are a few annual maintenance tasks that can help your home age smoothly. Annual inspections and maintenance are the best to get done in the spring or fall. 


     – Lubricate garage door springs

     – Drain the water heater and check the pressure valve

     – Check your dryer vent and hose for lint buildup – clean if necessary to prevent fire

     – Give your carpet a professional cleaning

     – Inspect your roof, chimney, fireplace and clean them if necessary

     – Pressure wash your deck and fence



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As a homeowner, home maintenance is a must to ensure the safety of your home. Regular home maintenance will help you save money in the long run and it will help you save up for future renovations. Homeownership isn’t easy but is critical to ensure enjoyment and comfort in your home. Don’t push your home maintenance tasks any longer and get started now with our checklist!

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